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Welcome To Merchant Account Providers UK, Europe’s #1 Merchant Account Provider. With over 17 years experience in Merchant Account Processing ( Credit Card Processing) we know exactly how painful and time consuming these merchant applications can be. We have helped (to-date) over 24,303 Merchants around Europe, partner with one of our many acquirers, and processing within 3-5 Working Days!

Merchant Account Providers UK, ONLY submit applications to Acquirers we KNOW will accept you- This saves both time and energy! So Apply Now- Instant Approval & Start Processing Within 3-5 Days

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Instant Merchant Account Set-Up & Approval-Merchant Account Providers UK

Step 1- Contact Form

Merchant Account Providers UK ONLY submit your application to Acquirers across the world, who we KNOW will accept your Business- We know how painful and long winded these apps can be- So let US take care of it all for you- One simple contact form- and we do the rest.

Step 2- Submitted To Bank

Within 90 Minutes of your contact form, Merchant Account Providers UK will review your request, and send these straight to over 5 European Banks/ 2 US Banks & 3 Offshore Acquirers ( depending on industry) We believe Credit Card Processing is a MUST for every Business- So we waste NO TIME- We aim to have you LIVE within 5 days!

Approval- Congratulations

Congratulations- Your are LIVE and yet again, we add another successful application to our Portfolio :) From this point on-wards, you can either liaise with Merchant Account Providers UK or directly with your selected Bank. The Choice Is Yours. How Easy was that?

Merchant Account Providers

Merchant Account Providers also work with Business Categories, such as:

Are domestic banks denying your request for an e-commerce or mail order/telephone order (MOTO) merchant account because your business is too high risk? Do you need a credit card processing solution with fewer trading restrictions? Or, have changes in your business caused your acquiring bank to close your existing merchant account? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, Merchant Account Providers UK has the solution for you-Find Out More
Merchant Account Providers UK provides e-commerce businesses with a variety of merchant account services, including domestic, offshore, and international merchant accounts. However, our offshore merchant account solutions are the most popular by far. We partner with a variety of offshore acquiring banks, so when you send us your application, we can match you with the best bank for your business.
Our established network of offshore acquiring banks has liberal underwriting policies. This allows us to approve high risk card-not-present merchant accounts. With our solid infrastructure, we can take even more credit card processing risks. For card-not-present merchants with limited or no processing history, we offer third-party processing options.
When looking for a card-not-present merchant account, you need to decide if a MOTO merchant account is right for your business. Short for mail order telephone order, MOTO merchant account solutions allow you to accept credit cards by manually entering them into your payment gateway by means of a virtual terminal. For qualifying merchants, Merchant Account Providers can provide MOTO merchants with access to its virtual terminal at no extra cost!
It can be challenging to find an adequate credit card processing solution for your adult entertainment business. Some acquiring banks are hesitant to accept adult merchants because of the legal age restrictions and controversial content, and fees usually run high for adult merchant accounts. However, with a merchant account from Merchant Account Provider, you could qualify for an account with a great offshore acquiring bank at an affordable rate. Find Out More..

Merchant Account Providers


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